Affordable Boating Around the World

Conrad Natzio has developed a family of designs for small easily built boats that are affordable and fun. He wanted a boat for himself that could be easily trailed and handled by one person, but large enough to sleep aboard and stable enough for fishing. From his first design, he has expanded the range to include smaller and larger boats, including an electric slipper launch. Marine ply sheets are the basis of construction, being easily worked and joined with modern adhesives and fixings. Very few tools are required and all would be found in a typical DIY toolkit. All of the designs can make use of electric power and they can all be rowed and carry sails. Conrad has established a range of designs that won’t break the bank. They have been built around the world, often by first time boat builders. Although many builders work a few hours at a time, over a period of weeks or months, it is possible to complete even the most complex design in a few days as a full-time activity during the build.