Oystercatcher - easy to beach

Oystercatcher - rigged for camping

Oystercatcher - on an Australian lake, photograph courtesy of David Barrott

Oystercatcher - clips along under her optional schooner rig

The pioneer of the fleet, derived from traditional New England shellfishing skiffs.

Various choices of rig, including schooner!

Dimensions: 4.7m x 1.5m (15′ 3″ x 5′ 0″)
Hull weight: 90kg (200lbs)
Sail area: 6.5 sq m (70 sq ft)
Plans: £45 post free (£47 outside Europe)

Like her working ancestors, Oystercatcher has a stiff and stable flat-bottomed hull with a jaunty sheerline and boldly-raked transom. She has the qualities which made a successful working boat, combined with the benefits of modern lightweight construction and easy maintenance.

Her lines give her good performance under sail or oars, and if necessary a small outboard motor can be mounted on the transom. The well-rockered bottom allows her to carry a heavy load and still tack quickly and cleanly. The pivoting centreplate is actually offset to port, giving maximum unobstructed interior space and simplifying construction: the endplate rudder enables her to sail in a few inches of water.

Hull construction is from two sheets of 3/8″ (9mm) and three sheets of 3/8″ (6mm) ply, with solid timber for framing, gunwales, etc.

“… we scooted along … a pleasant surprise”
Classic Boat, March 1998

” …the boat coped nicely with the wind against tide chop and seemed completely at home tacking within the confines of a narrow river … a flattie like Oystercatcher is perfect for exploring such area …”
Afloat! August 1995

“… surprisingly spacious accomodation with a tent covering the boat from end to end.”
Afloat! July 1994

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