Spoonbill – is ideal for quiet relaxation

Spoonbill – prefabricated components laid out flat

Spoonbill – the bottom panel goes on in one piece

Spoonbill – can be rowed

Spoonbill – can be motored

Spoonbill – can be sailed

A simple but roomy scow hull, only weighing 111kg (244 lbs), gives a lot of boat in a compact space. Spoonbill can be sailed, or used with a small (electric or petrol) outboard motor as an open launch with loose chairs.

Dimensions: 4.8m x 1.5m (15′ 10″ x 5′ 0″)
Hull weight: 111kg (244lbs)
Sail area: 7.4 sq m (80 sq ft)
Plans: £45 post free (£48 outside Europe)

Spoonbill has a flat-bottomed scow hull (with a bow transom), with easy lines for good sailing and simple building with no hard bending – like her sisters, she is put together without any need for moulds, jig, or building frame, from pre-cut panels and prefabricated frames using readily-available materials. Five sheets of plywood, preferably marine, are needed for the basic hull structure – two of 3/8″ (9mm) and three of 1/4″ (6mm). Frames and longitudinals are made up from hardwood or softwood.

Spoonbill is intended as a dual-purpose vessel. She sails well with the recommended sprit-boom rig shown, but the transom will accept an outboard motor and her completely open interior can be fitted out with loose chairs as a river launch, ideal for sedate family outings or fishing trips. An electric outboard is the ideal means of propulsion. Under sail, her ability to go to windward comes from her two long 3″ (76mm) bilge keels, which also give her excellent directional stability.

With an overall tent cover, there is ample space for two people to sleep in comfort; being flat-bottomed, the boat can readily be run ashore for a peaceful night.

Buoyancy is built in beneath the bow and stern decks, and should enable Spoonbill (like her sisters in the range) to comply with the requirements of the EC Directive on Recreational Craft if necessary.

Illustrated instructions are keyed to the plans.

“… … handled well … … spacious and comfortable&an ideal craft to sail with friends for a picnic … ideal fishing boat, or river launch.”
Classic Boat, March 1998

“It’s a tempting proposition.”
Practical Boat Owner, May 1998

” … this remarkable craft … ”
Water Craft, March/April 1998

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